Cincinnati Chapter History

In 1967, in the kitchen of Jane Hansen, Womenís Aglow Fellowship was born. Jane and three other ladies met for coffee and prayer, and out of those meetings Aglow began. It grew and spread very rapidly. About 1970 a chapter was started in Greater Cincinnati. They met in a hotel on Chester Road in Sharonville (a suburb of Cincinnati). This meeting grew so rapidly that in just a year or two they were having up to 500 people in attendance. It was decided that they needed to break down into other chapters located all over and around the city. So Cincinnati East Chapter of Aglow began.

The first president was Judi Classen. She loved Israel and the Israeli people. She had an intense desire to travel to Israel, so the ladies of the chapter raised the money needed for her to go. Out of that trip was birthed her ministry to Israel known as FOR ZIONíS SAKE. She is involved in that ministry to this day.

After Judi came Christy Gilstrap, Janet Marriott, Marilyn Smith, Linda Werner, Flo Campbell, Molly Dutina, Juanita Kendall, and Virginia Henderson, all of whom served in the office of the President. During the mid 1990s all the Cincinnati Aglow chapters were closed. Several years later Brenda Ihle began to hold meetings in her home, and in 1999 they decided to open a new chapter in Eastern Cincinnati. By this time the name of Womenís Aglow Fellowship had been changed to Aglow International and the chapters became Lighthouses. This new Lighthouse became known as Cincinnati Eastgate. Brenda served as its President for 4 years. When she resigned Ann Forbes became the new President and served for 5 years, and then Claudia Finkler served as President for 2 years. The current President is Deborah Mell.

In 1986 Linda Werner and Molly Dutina began an Aglow ministry to the women incarcerated in the Hamilton County Justice Center. Linda continued in that ministry for 21 years. When she felt the Lord was calling her out of that ministry she turned the leadership over to Rosalyn Cox. It continues to be a ministry of the local Aglow Lighthouse.

At one time there were a number of chapters in Greater Cincinnati including Cincinnati East, Central, Downtown, North, and West, and outlying area which included Georgetown, Milford, Hamilton, Lebanon, and Oxford. In addition to Cincinnati-Eastgate Aglow, some of the outlying chapters are still in existence such as Milford, Hamilton, and Lebanon.

We would welcome you to come and enjoy the wonderful speakers, praise and worship, and fellowship that we have together.