Aglow International

What is Aglow?
• Aglow International is a transdenominational organization of Christian women that some Christian leaders call a “global movement”

• Aglow is established in 171 nations on 6 continents, all of which have indigenous women overseeing the work in their nations

• It is one of the largest international women's organizations, with over 4,600 fellowship groups in the U.S. and internationally.

• An estimated 200,000 women meet together each month through local Aglow fellowships--the heart of the organization

• More than 21,000 Aglow leaders worldwide minister in their communities

• An estimated 17 million people each year are ministered to through Aglow groups

• Aglow consists of small group studies, care (support) groups, retreats, and annual conferences

• Aglow women, through prayer and evangelism, offer practical gifts of clothing, food, housecleaning, and babysitting, as well as mentoring young women

• Aglow women impact their communities by reaching out to women in prison, in senior homes, inner city neighborhoods, and mental institutions; to single moms, working women, all beginning with the woman next door

• Aglow has experienced rapid growth in the past several years, including the nations of Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

• In Europe, Aglow is established in every major nation (40 nations)

• An active Aglow program in Europe called “Adopt-A-Nation” gives many of the Western European nations the opportunity to “adopt” other nations for support and/or prayer